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centre launch 28 april

To officially launch the Centre, we're bringing together leading housing researchers to imagine a future where housing and health sit in the same policy room; where everyone can access affordable, warm, dry, safe and stable accommodation.

Expert panellists will discuss the benefits of healthy housing, how research has informed policy overseas, and what we can do next in Australia to fulfil our aspirations.

The online panel features 5 lead researchers from the Healthy Housing CRE. With decades of combined experience, they have been involved in writing the WHO Housing and Health guidelines, creating robust evidence on how housing affects health, and translating research into tangible policy outcomes.


  • Rebecca Bentley — Professor of Healthy Housing and director of Healthy Housing Unit in the Centre for Health Policy, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Director NHMRC CRE in Healthy Housing.

  • Philippa Howden-Chapman — Professor of Public Health at the University of Otago, co-director of He Kāinga Oranga Housing and Health Research Programme and director of the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities.

  • David Jacobs — Professor and Chief Scientist at the US National Center for Healthy Housing, Director of the U.S. Collaborating Center for Research and Training on Housing Related Disease and Injury for the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization.

  • Peter Phibbs — Professor of Housing, Director, Henry Halloran Trust at The University of Sydney, a geographer, planner and social economist with extensive experience in program evaluation, financial analysis and cost benefit analysis.

  • Emma Baker — Professor of Housing Research and Director of the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP) at the University of Adelaide, Deputy Director NHMRC CRE in Healthy Housing.

This event will be hosted and moderated by Ange Lavoipierre. Ange is a journalist, writer and comedian. Ange co-hosts the ABC’s daily news & current affairs podcast The Signal.


You will receive a Zoom Webinar link via email once you have registered for the session. Please contact if you have any problems with registration.


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