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Research streams

The Healthy Housing CRE aims to generate new knowledge that can be used for evidence-based policy-making that not only improves housing but maximizes health gains and reduces health inequalities cost effectively.

Research projects will be based in 3 main stream. Each stream will focus on three priority population groups: Indigenous Australians, Australians in need, and Australians renting in the private and social housing sectors. 

Modern Housing Complex

How housing affects health over time

Lead: Professor Rebecca Bentley

The current evidence base lacks Australian-specific evidence, causally focussed evidence and an understanding of how housing affects health over time (patterns of exposure and time lags between exposure and outcome).

Image by Scancode Productions

Health gains and costs from housing

Lead: Professor Tony Blakely

Neither policy makers nor researchers understand the magnitude of potential health gains, health inequality reductions, and health expenditure impacts of housing interventions; such evidence should improve policy making.

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Capturing complexity in the housing system

Lead: Professor Emma Baker

Recent advances have allowed improved prediction, the characteristics of populations at risk to be more accurately visualised, and enabled interventions to be targeted by sub-populations – and perhaps even ‘personalised’. These advances are relevant to understanding and intervening on the relationship between housing and health.

Centre objectives

As well as generating knowledge, the Healthy Housing CRE aims to:

  • Transfer research outcomes into health policy and decision making in policy and practice at the State and Federal levels in Australia, and internationally via the World Health Organisation Healthy Housing platform

  • Develop Australian research capacity in the interdisciplinary sectors of housing, health and policy implementation


Lead and instigate policy change that will address Australia’s housing-attributed disease.

Lead: Professor Andrew Beer


To advance the next generation of healthy housing researchers through inter-disciplinary collaborations and investment.

Lead: Dr Natasha Howard


Synergistic generation of new knowledge through collaboration and resource sharing.

Lead: Professor Rebecca Bentley

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