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Dampness and Mould

Our 2022 survey on dampness and mould in Australian homes is now open.

Help us find out more about mould prevalence by answering the survey even if your home is mould free.


Selected eligible homes will receive a free HERTSMI-2 mould test. 

You might have wondered how mould in the home affects your health. 


Researchers wonder this too. The below infographic from the Healthy Housing CRE summarises what we know about mould in housing, and what we still need to find out. 

Scroll down to read:

  • What causes mould?

  • How does it affect health?

  • Does Australia have policies that address dampness and mould?

  • Who is most affected?


Looking for information on how to remove mould in your home? We've got a list of resources at the end of this page. 

HH CRE Health impact dampness mould housing

Looking for information on how to get rid of mould in your home? 

As health researchers, we want to provide the best evidence-based information.


We're currently focusing on policy-relevant science and haven't yet produced a fact sheet on mould removal and water damage remediation. 

Here are some Australian government sites with useful information shared in the Parliamentary Inquiry into biotoxin-related illnesses:

Home Mould Removal

This is part 2 of the Healthy Housing CRE Burden of Disease Series, translating the latest research findings on physical, social, cultural and economic aspects of housing that affect health. Part 1 was about the health impacts of environmental noise around the home. Subscribe to be notified when part 3 is released

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