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2022 research study:
Asthma and housing

We are currently recruiting participants with asthma for a research study on housing

Dampness and mould in the home can cause significant health problems. Mould is hard to measure, and we're not sure exactly how many homes it hides in. This research project aims to gather data on what types of housing are more likely to have problems with dampness. 

Online survey

We're asking households across Australia to complete the 20-minute survey on housing and health.

There is an option at the end to provide your contact details to opt-in to the other parts of the study.


Indoor mould measurement

If your home is selected for DNA-based mould measurement, a researcher will visit to take vacuum samples. At the end of the project you will receive a report on levels of 5 different mould species found in your home. 

We are particularly keen to test homes with no known mould problems. 


If you'd like to discuss your experiences living in a home affected by dampness and mould, there is the option to participate in an informal interview about the health effects of mould. 

For more information, you can download the

plain language statement (PDF, 207 KB)

Home Mould Removal
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