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AHURI Research Webinar Series: Energy-affordable housing policy solutions

It is estimated that up to 40 per cent of Australian households who rent their housing may be experiencing energy hardship, due to a meeting of rapidly rising energy costs, a large stock of poor-quality and energy-inefficient dwellings in the rental sector, uneven access to efficient technologies and government interventions, and a large number of households in financial hardship. The community, governments and the property sector are looking for guidance on which strategies or approaches can work to improve energy affordability and efficiency of dwellings in the rental sector.

This free webinar will present findings from a new AHURI research project — Warm, cool and energy-affordable housing policy solutions for low-income renters — led by Dr Lyrian Daniel, the University of Adelaide. This report presents the findings of an Investigative Panel that examined the prevalence and experience of energy hardship, in its different forms, within Australia’s rental housing market. The research considered the strategies and policy actions that could be taken to reduce the impact of energy hardship on the lives of Australian households.

The webinar included a research presentation, followed by a discussion with AHURI’s Executive Director Dr Michael Fotheringham and audience Q&A.

In this 90 minute webinar you will learn about:

  • Examining the correlation between exposure to energy hardships and living in dwellings that are in poor condition

  • Identifying solutions to improve energy affordability and dwelling energy efficiency in Australia’s rental sectors

  • The portfolio of policies or governmental actions that will be needed to meet the challenge of improving energy efficiency in the rental housing stock.


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